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In an area with challenging conditions, Ramboll has won the contract to conduct a feasibility study for an extensive new port facility in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The new Sitakunda Port will be located in the Sandwip Channel downstream from the Feni-Mirasarai river in Bangladesh

The new Sitakunda Port will be located in the Sandwip Channel downstream from the Feni-Mirasarai river in Bangladesh

Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

Project Director, Ports
T: +45 5161 6291
Morten Thorhauge Boolsen

Morten Thorhauge Boolsen

Head of Department, Ports
T: +45 51617529

By Andrew Somerville

In collaboration with local and international partners, Ramboll has been engaged to undertake a feasibility study and master plan for a new multi-purpose port.

The port will be central to a special economic zone being established in Mirasarai, north of Chittagong in Bangladesh, with the aim of encouraging rapid economic development through the increase and diversification of industry, employment, production and export.

The project involves wide-ranging environmental and traffic impact assessments, and economic feasibility studies as well as operational and port planning and the design of quay walls and breakwaters.

Challenging location

According to Ralph Bjørndal, Project Director in International Transport Studies at Ramboll, one of the main technical challenges of the project is its unique location. “As this area is a flood plain, tons of sediment is washed up on a daily basis. This means that a significant part of our study will also concern a detailed analysis of the coastal hydraulic conditions, including sediment transport in the upstream river delta and the Feni-Mirasarai River,” he says.

The area is also prone to severe weather, particularly the cyclones that are prevalent along the coastline during the summer months. “This puts unique demands on the infrastructure and means the port has to withstand tough conditions, and marine structures must be designed to prevent flooding and serious damage”.

Experience wins the day

Ramboll came out on top after a lengthy bidding process that involved no less than 28 companies. Ralph Bjørndal believes that our “successful track record in coastal engineering in Denmark and Northern Europe was instrumental in winning the bid.”

Valued at over 1.5 million EUR, the contract stipulates the possibility of continued cooperation for the next phase of the project, which includes the design and the establishment of the port.

The contract for the first phase was signed by Senior Director, Transport, Ramboll Denmark, Mr. Jens Chr. Hede, in Chittagong on January 3, 2018.


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